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by dgstorm at Sep 15, 2014
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Prepare to be fascinated and informed. Charlie Rose had Apple CEO Tim Cook on the hook for an hour long interview. The talk included a wide variety of topics, including Apple's recent big announcements and future plans.

One of the most intriguing things Tim Cook shared was that Apple is actually working on devices which have not even been rumored yet. This whet our appetite for more, but of course, Cook didn't divulge anything concrete.

The entire 54 minute video was hosted on Hulu, so we couldn't embed it here, but here's a link: Hulu - Tim Cook Interview by Charlie Rose 2014
by dgstorm at Sep 12, 2014
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This is something you don't see everyday... it's an arm wrestling game for your iPhone, iPad or, later next year, your Apple Watch! The game is called iArm Wrestle Champs, and it basically uses your accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors on the new iPhone and Apple Watch in interesting and creative ways.

The game is already available on iTunes, but of course, the Apple Watch version won't be available until next year when the Apple Watch finally ships. It's amazing the creativity that developers display when making apps for devices!

Will you be the next iArm Wrestle Champ?

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by dgstorm at Sep 12, 2014
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The day has finally arrived when we can start preordering our shiny new iPhone 6 (and/or iPhone 6 Plus). It's been 7 years since the first iPhone first changed the face of mobile technology forever. Now the next big step in the evolution of the product is soon to be in our hands and this seems like a perfect time for a bit of nostalgia.

The folks at created a timeline infographic for every iteration of Apple's iconic iOS, from 1 through 8. It's obviously so huge we couldn't contain it in this first post, but you can check it out in the thread below.

Sound off and let us know how many of these devices you have owned at one time or another.

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by dgstorm at Sep 11, 2014
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If you didn't think Apple was serious about charging hard into the watch market, then this report might just change your mind. It looks like Apple isn't content to just take on other smartwatch makers like Samsung, LG and Motorola. It appears they want to own the regular wrist-watch markets too.

Some astute folks (who obviously know the wrist-watch industry very well) noticed that on all of the advertisements of the Apple Watch clock face, the time is set to 10:09. The reason why this is Apple firing a shot at the watch industry is because it has been a subtle industry secret that each of the big watch makers all advertise their watches with a time that is some variation of 10:10:xx-seconds.

For example, TAG Heuer uses 10:10:37, Rolex uses 10:10:31, and Bell & Ross uses 10:10:10. It's a funny little industry advertising quirk that doesn't mean much to most consumers but is an insider joke to those in the industry. This tradition goes all the way back to 1926 where it began with the Hamilton Watch Company.

Because Apple is posting all of their Apple Watch ads with a 10:09 time, they are effectively saying they are a minute ahead of their competition. That's basically like calling out your enemy to fight in the arena.

The question remains, will the big watch makers take Apple's challenge seriously? And, should they?

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by John Techwriter at Sep 11, 2014
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The 6 Plus's screen size puts it into "phablet" territory. Having Apple Watch as the front end for most I/O functionality means you can tuck this large phone in your briefcase rather than have it constantly "at hand" on your belt. The two should work brilliantly together.

I believe such a combination threatens the iPad for future sales. Someone who shells out $800 for the Plus and Watch combined will, I suggest, be tempted to use the Plus for the big-screen stuff they'd otherwise have purchased an iPad for: watching movies, writing longer documents, mapping . . . all quite doable on the Plus.

So in this indirect way, I'm suggesting Apple Watch could be the iPad's swan song.