apple watch 4 display not turning on & waking up sometimes

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Talk' started by sruf, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Hi there,

    i use the apple watch 4 since almost a year and now experience the problem that when tapping on the display OR using the scroll wheel to turn on the display nothing happens sometimes.

    So most of the time the display wakes up when i tap on it or use the scroll wheel but 2 times out of 10 nothing happens or just takes 2, 3 seconds to wake up which is not really responsive from my point of few.

    I have deleted all unneeded apps & wachfaces (i have only 2 watchfaces now), rebooted the apple watch and also did a factory reset (without restoring via itunes, instead i setup everything again manually).

    So since i ran out of luck i wondered whether other apple watch 4 owners experienced the same issue or is it just on my apple watch 4?

    I am running the latest Apple Watch OS 6 beta 9

    Thanks for answering.
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    The latest beta release of watchOS 6 is the gold master. The public release of watchOS 6 was 2 days ago. Try updating to the public release and see how it goes.
    BTW, I've been running watchOS 6 beta since June and never experienced the problems you describe.
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