Around 2.5 Million Apple Watch Orders have been Processed in the US in the First 5 Weeks

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    According to fresh data coming from Slice Intelligence and reported by Quartz publication, it seems that around 2.5 million Apple Watch orders have been processed in the United States in the first five weeks of its availability.

    The report mentions that more than half of the orders placed so far came on April 10, which is the first day of pre-orders. Slice Intelligence points that the the Apple Watch is currently averaging 30,000 orders per day after it has seen a notable rise on April 24. That was the day when most initial Apple Watch pre-orders that weren't high in demand, began arriving to customers.

    If we take these numbers into consideration, it seems that Apple Watch sales are outpacing early sales of the iPod and iPhone, and even topping those of the iPad. Dan Frommer with the publication further makes a valid point:

    "To be sure, it’s still early days for the Apple Watch and the broader wearable-gadgets market. It took Apple more than two years to sell 2 million iPods, and several months to sell that many iPhones. And, to reiterate: This is a projection based on one company’s data in one country. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on its accuracy."

    What about you? Have you placed an order to get yourself an Apple Watch or you're going to wait for the next-generation to arrive with better software and hardware? Let us know what's your take on this by leaving your comment below.

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    I ordered my Apple Watch on April 10th and received it on the 24th. While some people might not like to buy the first generation of a new device, those who hold off waiting for more capability and new features in the next generation can end up always waiting and not buying at all because the next generation will be better.
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