[Exclusive - Breaking News] Apple and Chipotle Team Up for Apple Watch Cross Promotional App

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    Apple Watch Edition

    Who doesn't like a good burrito? That must have been what those crafty PR execs at Apple were telling themselves recently. Apple and Chipotle just shared breaking news that they intend to team-up for a cross-promotional ad campaign.

    Apparently, even though Apple's devices are widely found in Starbucks across the country, Apple wants them to rule the roost at Chipotle as well. The main Apple product which will be advertised in every Chipotle across the country will be the new Apple Watch. They even created an app specifically for the Apple Watch called the Chipotle Indicator.

    The Chipotle Indicator Apple Watch App will track your consumed calories for every Chipotle burrito and/or salad/bowl you imbibe. It will also keep you informed as to how close you are to the nearest Chipotle (using GPS), and will even help you track how often you eat there and includes its own built-in digital wallet exclusively for Chipotle.

    It sounds like a rootin' tootin' good team-up to us! Now we have a delicious new reason to own an Apple Watch!

    *In other news, apparently, multi-dimensional Aliens have made contact with government leaders around the world. It turns out they have been secretly living among us for some time in a ghost-like form. When asked why it has taken them so long to communicate with us, they shared that their ability to communicate depended on this particular date because of the way the stars aligned.

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