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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Fitness and Health' started by 100%JR, Jan 29, 2020.

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    First post new to Apple watch.I primarily use the watch,Series 3,with the iWatch Strava App outdoors for Cycling/Running/Hiking etc with absolutely no issues:cool: However indoors when using the Cycling/Treadmill/Rowing features on both Strava and the Workout App I only get exercise time/HR etc.
    Is there any App that will also record distance/strokes/avg speed etc?
    Not a deal breaker but would be good if possible?

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    It would be hard for the watch to track more than heart rate and time for stationary exercises. While the motion sensor can detect movement, and general type of movement, there is no way for it to judge the effort involved. When running, biking, or swimming those things can be approximated by the distance you actually move. That’s mostly the GPS.

    Running and walking will work to some extent without GPS by guestimating your stride length (more accurate after you’ve used it with the GPS (built in or paired with iPhone) a few times. You can probably fool the watch into giving you some kind of data if you use the Outdoor exercise options on the treadmill instead of the indoor ones. Don’t know. I’ve never tried that.

    The last couple generations of the Apple Watch and some of the newest exercise equipment can communicate via luetooth, giving you those extra stats. I don’t believe there is anyway to do it with a series 3.

    You can, of course, enter this data manually in the Health app on your iPhone. There are probably some third party apps for the watch that will let you enter exercise data manually, and sync to the Health data on the phone, but I’m not familiar with any of them.
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