Morgan Stanley Says U.S. Consumer Interest is Increasing for the Apple Watch

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    When it comes to estimates regarding the sales performance of Apple's products, you never know whom to trust. And it's even more challenging when we're talking about a brand new category, such as the wearable one.

    Yesterday, we reported that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo was claiming that the Apple Watch demand may be slowing down. But today, another trustful analyst, Katy Huberty from investment bank Morgan Stanley, says U.S. consumer interest for the Apple Watch is actually increasing.

    Citing the AlphaWise U.S. Wearables survey, the analyst believes Apple will manage to sell as much as 36 million units in the first year of its availability. Thus, Huberty has raised its previous estimates by 20 percent, from 30 million units to 36 million units for the device's first year of sales.

    Furthermore, she considers the estimate conservative, so there's a chance for Apple to sell even more than that. Huberty also anticipates an increase in iPhone sales citing data from Morgan Stanley's AlphaWise Smartphone Tracker. She believes Apple will move 50 million iPhones for the quarter ending in June and as much as 240 million units for the fiscal year of 2015.

    Source: Morgan Stanley

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