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Discussion in 'Apple Watch Talk' started by minopica, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Hi all,
    I bought apple watch series 3 model.
    I started to use the watch as navigator while driving my scooter (moto) and I found the following issue:

    it seems it's not possible to visualize the map while driving, it is only possible to visualize the next indication (e.g turn to the right in 150 meters). Do you know if I can force the map visualization while driving ? I'd like to see the navigation on the map while driving (it's more useful than have just next turn indication). If it is not possible using "Get directions" app, do you know if I can use another app ?
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    The Apple Watch wasn’t really intended to be used for automobile navigation. It’s navigation features are more geared towards walking. Also, the Apple Watch screen cannot be made to stay on continuously, which would be a detriment to your purpose, as you’d have to repeatedly raise your wrist to activate the screen. This would also entail taking your eyes off the road on a frequent basis. An iPhone on a proper mounting would be much better suited to your purpose.
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