How To Turn Your Apple Watch Sport Box Into A Nifty Charging Stand

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    *Make your own Apple Watch Sport charging stand with a few household tools and some elbow grease. Luke Villapaz

    If your wallet is deep enough to spend at least $10,000 on the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition, Apple Inc. throws in a fancy box that doubles as a charger. For everyone else, there's just the box and a plastic charging cable.

    That isn't too big of an issue for customers who have opted to purchase a separate charging stand fom Spigen, Dodocase or a number of other third parties. But if you're looking to save a few dollars and channel your inner MacGyver, the Apple Watch Sport box can also be repurposed to make your own charging stand.We’ll show you how to do just that with a few common household tools and some elbow grease.

    *Customers can easily make a charging stand for their Apple Watch Sport (right) without having to spend $10,000 on the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition (left). Luke Villapaz

    Minimum Tools Required

    Utility knife/multi-tool
    Nail file
    Flat screwdriver
    Dremel/rotary tool (optional, but will make the process a whole lot easier)
    Bandages (for any cuts along the way)
    Lots of patience

    1. The Apple Watch Sport insert is attached to the box by three pieces of adhesive. Use a knife or screwdriver to pry up its edges. Once the adhesive loosens, it should easily pop out.

    *A knife or other flat object can be used to pry the insert away from the rest of the box. Luke Villapaz

    2. Remove the center clear plastic piece and place the charger against the bottom of the insert to trace with a pen or pencil. If you’re not sure where to position it, place the Apple Watch in the insert during the tracing process. The magnetic charger should then latch on to the proper position.

    *The magnetic charger can be traced to create a template for the cut. Luke Villapaz

    3. After creating the tracing template, begin making the cutout for the charger. If you’re only doing this with a knife, this process can be difficult, since the plastic takes some work to whittle away. If available, use a Dremel or rotary tool to make the hole instead. But if you go that route, wear a mask and plastic goggles.

    Note: Knives are sharp. Use caution while making the cutout.

    *The cutting process can be laborious if you don't have access to a rotary cutting tool, such as a Dremel. Luke Villapaz

    4. After completing the cutout, use a metal file or nail file to smooth out the hole.

    *A metal file, or nail file can be used to smooth the rough edges of the newly created hole. Luke Villapaz
    5. To accommodate the magnetic charging cable, cut a small notch at the edge of the cutout. A similar notch at the bottom of the box insert and the box exterior is also needed if you plan on closing the box when not in use.

    *Cut two notches in the plastic to accommodate the charging cable. Luke Villapaz

    6. Place the magnetic charger into the hole and run the cable through the newly made notches and replace the insert with attached charger. Press firmly at the top and bottom to reattach to the box if you haven't removed the adhesive. The insert is easily removable if you change your mind about using the case as a charger.

    *The completed charging stand can still close for storage and transport, as long as the watch isn't inside as well. Luke Villapaz

    7. Plug in your newly made Apple Watch charger and you're good to go.

    *The finished charging dock Luke Villapaz

    Note: Apple recommends charging the Apple Watch in a well-ventilated space and closing the box during charging is not advised.

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