Misfit & Speedo team up to create lap counting Shine fitness tracker for swimmers

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    Fitness device maker Misfit and swim-accessory expert Speedo are hitting the pool together this summer to create a special version of the fitness tracking Shine wearable made especially for swimmers. The Speedo Shine is enhanced for workouts in the pool thanks to “proprietary lap counting algorithms with industry-leading accuracy” that swimmers should appreciate. Data captured by Speedo Shine syncs up wirelessly with Misfit’s iPhone app over Bluetooth for evaluating workouts in the pool and hitting swim goals. And while the water resistant Apple Watch with non-leather bands plays nice with some water, Speedo Shine is made with swimmers in mind and waterproofed to 50 meters.

    In addition to counting swim laps, Speedo Shine also measures swim distance with any stroke type. Speedo Shine also provides the usual fitness tracking smarts including step tracking and burned calories along with sleep tracking like Misfit’s non-Speedo version of Shine. The waterproof, swim tracking Speedo Shine boasts 6 months of battery life thanks to its use of a standard watch battery.

    Speedo Shine ships with both a black and a white sport band and clasp plus an Action Clip as it can be worn like a watch or as a clip-on wearable elsewhere. The casing of the tracker is wrapped in anodized pale silver aluminum, a new color to the Shine lineup. Around the aluminum casing you’ll find 12 LED lights that update based on fitness progress and your daily activity goal.

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    The new swim-centric fitness tracker boasts “industry-leading accuracy” in the pool and has been tested by Speedo and Aqualab. What’s more, Speedo Shine will soon sync with the swim-expert’s Speedo Fit app in addition to Misfit’s system.

    Speedo Shine is launching on September 1st exclusively at Apple Retail Stores around the world as well as Misfit.com and Speedo.com for $79.99; Speedo brief swimsuit not required.



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