Neato adds Apple Watch control to robotic vacuum in new app update

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    Neato Robotics this week issued an app update for its Wi-Fi enabled Botvac Connected vacuum cleaner, allowing users to take control of their autonomous cleaning device from Apple Watch for the first time.
    Neato claims its latest app release makes the $699 Botvac the first robot vacuum capable of being remotely controlled by an Apple Watch or Android Wear device.

    With the app running on Apple Watch, users can issue start and stop commands to the vacuum, as well as monitor cleanup progress, directly on their wrist. Unlike the full-fledged iOS app, however, the small-screen Watch version does not let users take full manual control over the robot's movements.

    Botvac Connect launched last year as Neato's first vacuum to sport an onboard Wi-Fi module for communication with iOS and Android smartphones, offering owners remote setup and one-touch control directly from a dedicated app. Onboard Wi-Fi support means Botvac Connect can receive commands as long as its connected to a known network. The device also features laser navigation, two cleaning modes and an LCD screen with accompanying capacitive buttons for selecting various user settings.

    The latest Neato app version is available for free from the iOS App Store.


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